I have been a psychotherapist for over ten years working with diverse clients on an individual, group and couples basis.  I am adept at working with persons who have intra- and interpersonal concerns.  I assist clients with developing strategies and healthier coping skills to address the challenges of life.  The theories, strategies and techniques I use in sessions are based solely on the needs of the client.  My theoretical tool box can range from specific approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic to more Eclectic approach.

My primary orientation is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT); I believe in order to move forward and make positive productive changes in life, one must first change their thinking/attitudes then behavior can follow.  Once you commit to exploring different ways of viewing or thinking about a situation, person or challenge, growth and healing begins.

I am warm and empathetic.  I create an environment in which the client feels safe and valued.  These qualities result in the client successfully reaching their therapeutic goals.  I believe in the power of hope.  Hope fosters change, empowers and provides one of the most important gifts in the human experience, a sense of purpose.

Itselda Shand-Gaines